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About me..!

I am Anthony Muthu.

My friends call me as "Positive Anthony" (+VE. Anthony)

I am Physically Challenged.Paralyzed & senseless below my chest.Percentage of Disability is 90 %(According to the doctor's certificate.)

I am Residing at Chennai/Tamilnadu/India at the mercy of my elder sister.

I do not have the sense to pass Urine & Toilet.Someone has to press my Stomach to pass Urine.

My Sister, has to pluck out my feces manually.

She is a living God for me.

I got this disability at the age of 11. (In an accident) I am 38 now, & in the past 27 bedridden years I developed my knowledge by just with my reading habit. (I was studying in 5 th standard while i got bedridden.)

Though I can sit only with the support of my Right hand, & able to Type only with the Left hand with difficult, I am now working from home through online, in a private travel agency as a website supervisor.

I am writing Articles on Positive thinking, Self Development, in some magazines, and also in my blogsites.

Boosting up someones mood, Making everyone I encounter to feel better with a positive vibration was a real happiness for me.

I have started to give. I need to give even more.

My Prayer to The Almighty!

Oh! God! The Almighty!

Please make me and my life known to all so that Many can get inspired & strengthened while looking at me.

Make me useful unto others.

Make me work & earn more so that I get fulfilled,
and can give more to the need.

With Tons Of Love & Gratitude

+VE Anthony Muthu

P. S: With tears in my eyes I remember a selfless soul's Poem written about me here. (Click to read)
(Click to read)

A Letter to God

Oh my dear God!

I wrote a letter to you on 8' th-Dec.2007.

I want to show this world with my greatest joy,that you had answered my letter & prayers, Done great things in my life,Changed my Entire life in these 8 months.

You had fulfilled, "All of my Essential 3 needs,"

1) Online Job (With a Salary of 3000 Rs.)

2) New Laptop.

3) Powered wheel Chair.

I thank with tears in my eyes, to all of the Human forms that which you took disguise, to participate in helping me to get my Needs.



PLEASE MAKE ME TO GIVE EVERYONE, instead of getting.

Thank you Soooo MMMuchhh.

Your's Same Faithfully & Especially Beloved Son

Anthony Muthu.


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